Yoga Poses for Couples: Stretching and Bonding

In this section, we will discuss some basic yoga poses that are suitable for couples as well as advanced yogis as yoga poses before moving on to more difficult poses. Don’t do anything intense or fantastic, just do enough to pump blood through your body and warm your muscles. 

Partner forward fold

How it works: Sit down with your partner and put the soles of your feet on their feet and grasp each other by the forearms. 

Bend forward and gently pull the first person in, then slowly turn to the other and hold the pose for a few breaths. Hold the position until you feel a stretch in your hamstring and bend forward, feeling a deep stretch in your hamstring. Turn towards each other, gently pull yourself in, then slowly come back up and return to your original position. 

2. Seated cat cow

How it works: This is a variant of the classic cat and cow movement means, but with one twist: sitting cross-legged – with your partner. Hold the forearm of the other and slowly lift your head upwards, extending your chest at the same time. Next, find the same resistance as your partner and pull your shoulders back and down. 

Hold this position for a moment and as you exhale, circle your upper back and stick your chin to your chest. Look down, keep your back round and make sure you feel the stretch in your shoulder blades. This is essentially cattle husbandry in a sitting form, but with a certain twist: the back and forth movement. 

Hold this pose for a few seconds and then slowly change the position of the cat and the cow a few times. Cat posturing is one of my favorite yoga poses for couples and a great exercise for both of you. 

Twin trees

This pose requires some communication to make sure you are in sync, but it is also a great exercise for both of you. 

Next, slowly bend your knees and place your foot on either side of your lower leg, on the inside of your thigh, lifting the other leg upwards. Plant your inner leg in the ground, spread your toes, and keep your weight down to the end. Feel comfortable with your balance and avoid putting your foot above your knee as this will put unnecessary strain on your joints. Here, you should be aware of how you stand from shoulder to shoulder and how far you have to put your feet above the knee before you feel comfortable. 

When you feel comfortable, you can cross your arms for stability or lift them above your head for greater challenges. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then slowly pick them up a little and hold them together for a few seconds until it gets a little easier. Stand on your back, with your back to your partner, and then stand with your feet about hip-width apart. How it works: This pose with a partner helps you to exercise your balance so that your exercise can be consistent. 

Chair pose

The next part requires some communication to make sure you’re on time with each other, but it’s simple enough for both. 

You may need to put your feet further out before you reach the squat position and you may need to slow down for a few seconds. 

Hold the pose for a few breaths, then slowly walk out with your feet, come back up, and repeat the exercise. Turn your back on each other until you get stability and keep turning. Why not sit on a wall and see how long you can hold this pose and why not see if it works for you? 

Without attention, your legs will burn out and you will burn out your muscles and muscles in your back, hips, knees, ankles, and ankles.

As with any form of exercise, you must try to warm your muscles by pairing yoga poses for couples in this article. You can stretch warm muscles a little further, but you should not stretch cold muscles too far, as this can lead to injuries. 

The best place for yoga are the large lawns of Central Park!

Or you prefer to practice at home?