Use Yoga to Cope With the Pandemic

Yoga is a well-known way to relieve stress. It has proven this time and time. Here are some great ways to use yoga to cope with the pandemic.

Pick your environment

Choosing a peaceful outdoor environment, such as a garden, a quiet place with good views of the sea, or even in the shade of a tree.

Take a comfortable position

If you feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor, sit down in a chair, loosen your legs and cross them in front of you in a comfortable and relaxed way. You can use a pillow or pillow for comfort or let soft music play to enhance your sense of peace.

Place your hands on your knees, palms up, and place them in the middle of your chest, at heart level. Close your eyes and observe the sensations in your body and mind as they unfold peacefully, calmly, and peacefully in front of you.

For example

First, place the back of the left hand on the palm of the right hand and grab it so that the right thumb is on top of it and the left thumb is on top of it.

Bend the fingers of your right hand outwards and hold them to keep them straight, and press your left thumb over your right and bend them.

Place your hand on your chest and place it in the center of your heart, close your eyes and place it on your right hand.


Breathe in slowly, steadily, and deeply for 10-15 seconds until you exhale and inhale.

Slow breaths slow the heartbeat, reduce the stress response, give you a peaceful and safe feeling and slow your heartbeat. Try to slow down for 10 seconds 4 breaths per minute, inhaling and exhaling 10 breaths each. Your mind begins with much chatter and fear, but do not try to suppress these thoughts; let them come and go as long as your mind is peaceful.

If you have a particularly persistent thought, try to name it; say, for example, “I am worried about my son” or “My son is in danger of his life.


This is difficult at first, but if you use this breathing technique regularly, you will find that your mind welcomes the stillness and begins to relax. Soon you will develop the ability to keep your mind calm in a challenging environment. You know that you can use yoga to cope with the pandemic.

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