Easy Ways to Meditate

Many of us find meditation incredibly difficult, and the obligation to sit and meditate can be daunting. I have seen documentaries about the powerful effects of meditation, read articles, and found some really simple practices that put me in a meditative state that I can integrate over time. Here are some easy ways to meditate!

 Take A Walk

I like to go for a walk to clear my head, and no matter what I do, I can stop and consider my five senses. Walking increases my endorphins and gives me the opportunity to be more aware of my surroundings. Whether I walk down a street in my hometown that I have seen a thousand times, running gives me the feeling of being fully integrated into my surroundings.

If I notice a color, shape, or anything else, I will notice it more than if I don’t, even if it’s just a little off.

Notice Your Five Senses

Can we stop thinking and just relax in the experience of our five senses and not focus on our own experience anymore? By focusing our consciousness on the world around us, we are no longer in our environment, so we have less room to focus on it. We anchor ourselves in the present moment by bringing consciousness into our bodies with us and our present experience.


When our thoughts go crazy, they fall silent when we listen to the world around us, and we find that listening is deeper than our five senses.

When we turn our attention to the world outside our mind, energy follows us, and where we direct our attention, energy follows.

Beware of Your Words

By learning to use words correctly, we can learn how powerful they really are and how they hold our creative power. If we really listen to what we are going to say, then the truth can be told if we really listen. And if everything we say, feel and do is in line with that, that’s great for our mental health.

Life can be like living meditation, but it takes a constant consciousness to return to the present moment. This is a simple practice that I have personally discovered and that helps me get back to the ground of facts.

I could dwell in the here and now, but what I am looking for is a space of presence where I would have access to greater intelligence and connection with life. For more information on easy ways to meditate and other forms of spiritual practice, visit Inside World.

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