Diet in Latin America: Healthy and Tasty!

As someone who has spent most of my life in Costa Rica, I can confirm that healthy, simple eating is at the heart of our culture in this part of the world. There are globally recognized methods that promote health and vitality, such as the use of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy cooking techniques. Here are the best things about the diet in Latin America.


The diet of the centenarians in Costa Rica is different from any other blue zone in the world. The elderly share a lifestyle and diet in Latin America that revolves around enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This selection of genuine, nutritious foods starts with people living in the 1980s and often in the 1990s and in some cases in the 1990s.

Beans, especially black beans, are a common part of the traditional Nicoya diet, and legumes are eaten every day.

These versatile legumes are a nutrient-rich staple that can even help you live longer. Mix them with peppers, onions, coriander, and white rice and you have a delicious, healthy, low-carb, high-protein meal prepared for the whole family.

Tortillas, rosquillas, and bizcochos

The diet includes tortillas, rosquillas, and bicchos, but these foods behave like other foods such as beans, rice, beans, and corn, as well as vegetables.

Tortillas, rosquillas, and bicochos are traditional staple food consumed by centenarians in Costa Rica in many ways. The freshly prepared tortillas (also called tortilla palmeadas, as they are usually shaped by hand) are made using a unique process that combines lime and water to maintain the nutritional value even after grinding the maize.


Vegetable products are the common denominator in the Blue Zone, and the plate is filled with plants, especially in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

In addition, people in this tropical longevity hotspot choose raw, fermented, and minimally processed products. Costa Rican centenarians offer lifestyle practices that can help reduce chronic diseases and cultivate well-being. The focus on fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables is a core component of a healthy lifestyle and comes from Mesoamerican-inspired agriculture, to name a few.


Other aspects include appreciating the importance of community and friendship and actively preserving the body to improve overall health and happiness. Focusing on healthy, genuine foods is just one of the many threads that are woven into a well-lived life.

This diet is excellent for your detox!

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