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Membership Benefits


The primary purpose of the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (KHYF) website is to provide information and support about Yoga and Yoga Therapy, particularly as taught in the healing tradition of T Krishnamacharya, whose lifelong work is the foundation of the modern practice of Yoga.

Through the site one can access a wide range of information and support systems that include the following, but are not limited to the list below.

Benefits for non-members

  • Active database of KHYF certified teachers and trainers offering Yoga classes and training programs in the Krishnamacharya tradition. Students who want to locate a certified teacher in this tradition will be able to view the biographies and curriculum vitae of teachers (including books they have written, CDs they have recorded etc.) in their area and find a teacher with the qualifications they are looking for.

  • Discussion forums covering a range of topics. Have a question about Yoga? Need help finding just the right teacher? Looking for a Sutra study group? Check out the KHYF’s public discussion forum.

  • Articles and Features on a variety of topics in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, including articles about collaborative efforts between Yoga and other health and healing professionals.

  • Links to websites of interest, including those of KHYF members, and the KYM bookstore.

Member Benefits (only open to KHYF members)

  • All of the above

  • Members will also get the unique right to use a KHYF designed logo that will be indicative of their certification level and bring credibility and authenticity to their teaching.

  • Saturday Morning Live - Every Saturday, Sri Desikachar puts on a free public lecture at the KYM. These will be offered as a weekly, free voice download on the KHYF site. Grab a cup of tea or your favorite coffee, enjoy, and be inspired!

  • Exclusive articles, full length features, and intensive study material that are only for the KHYF members will be available. Some of these may be accessible only for selected certification levels.

  • Members can edit and update their personal record to keep their information current and accurate

  • Members can submit articles and features, and also initiate forum discussions. Though non-members can read public articles, features and participate in public forums, its only the members who can submit or initiate them.

  • Members can also host information on upto five seminars, workshops or any other kind of event that they are doing.

  • Members who are trainers will be able to invite and create new members, who will be the students of the training programs they offer. They can also update and track the progress of the courses they are conducting by actively updating their batch progress in the website.
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