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THE HEART OF YOGA : An Advanced Study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
by KHYF Submitted On December 25 2006
Venue : Europe & North America
Event Type : KHYF CEU
Start Date : 1/7/2008
End Date : 1/25/2009

THE HEART OF YOGA an intensive two seminar series with Kausthub Desikachar BY INVITATION ONLY ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------------------- No study of yoga is complete without the study of the Yoga Sutra.....

by Kausthub Desikachar Submitted On November 11 2006
Venue : London
Event Type : Workshop
Start Date : 9/1/2007
End Date : 9/2/2007

Two of the biggest challenges that we as humans have faced since we evolved from our animal ancestry, are the quest for spiritual freedom, and the fulfillment of our human responsibilities. This pursuit has been the foundation for many of the philoso.....

by Marc Beuvain Submitted On January 8 2007
Venue : South of France - Aix-en-Provence
Event Type : KHYF CEU
Start Date : 8/27/2007
End Date : 8/31/2007

YOGA AND HEALING - Part 2An intensive seminar with kausthub desikachar Yoga has been a system of health and healing since a long time. In its five thousand year history, through its simple, yet practical teaching, its has been beneficial to thousan.....

by Kausthub Desikachar Submitted On November 8 2006
Venue : Stockholm
Event Type : Workshop
Start Date : 8/24/2007
End Date : 8/26/2007

An Intensive Seminar with Kausthub Desikachar Yoga which originated in India many thousand of years ago, was a way of life for people of those times. Almost everyone was practicing some form of yoga to fulfill their lives, be healthy and seek spiritu.....

Meditation and Mantra - Healing from Within
by KHYF Submitted On January 24 2007
Venue : Yashodhara Ashram - Kootenay Lake
Event Type : Workshop
Start Date : 4/24/2007
End Date : 4/29/2007

Join us for the ascent Intensive: a bi-annual yoga retreat presented by ascent magazine. In line with the spirit of ascent, the ascent Intensive will focus on in-depth yoga study and practice. This 5-day retreat will expand your horizons!.....

Yoga for Women
by KHYF Submitted On January 14 2007
Venue : Halifax, CANADA
Event Type : Workshop
Start Date : 4/13/2007
End Date : 4/15/2007

Yoga has a vital role to play in every stage of a woman’s life. From adolescence to womanhood, from motherhood to menopause and beyond, a woman’s body and mind undergo a myriad of changes, as do her roles and responsibilities.For these re.....

Secrets of Yoga.
by KHYF Submitted On January 15 2007
Venue : Porltand, OREGON
Event Type : Workshop
Start Date : 4/6/2007
End Date : 4/8/2007

A SEMINAR BY MENAKA & MEKHALA DESIKACHAR Yoga’s teachings have touched the hearts of millions of people both within and outside India, its country of origin. Today the value of yoga is unquestioned in its ability to help us in different asp.....

Mantras and Meditation
by Kausthub Desikachar Submitted On November 6 2006
Venue : Altenkirchen (Near Frankfurt and Cologne)
Event Type : Seminar
Start Date : 4/5/2007
End Date : 4/8/2007

Mantras & Meditation : HEALING FROM WITHINan intensive seminar with Kausthub DesikacharAltenkirchen, GERMANY 5 - 8 APRIL, 2007 THIS SEMINAR IS FULL. TO BE PLACED ON THE WAITING LIST PLEASE EMAIL cslisch@yahoo.deYoga has been a.....


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