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In order to support the network of certified students all over the world, the KHYF website will offer a wealth of information and avenues to share and exchange ideas on yoga, healing and its endless possibilities. One of the ways this will be achieved is through Articles, Features, Forums, and Study materials. A brief definition of each is given below.


Typically articles shall focus and present a selected topic and must not be more than 3000 words. Articles may also be marked as private or public, and in private can also be private to selected levels of readers. For example, an article may be only for the readership of Yoga Therapist level students. This will be decided by the KHYF.

Articles can be submitted by any KHYF member, or a team of KHYF members. In some special cases even non-members can co-author articles along with at least one KHYF member.

Before articles are approved and uploaded on the site, it will be sent to a Article Approval Panel, which will constitute KHYF certified members. They may suggest editorial changes for clarity and content before its approved and uploaded.

The articles section of the site will have an archive of all articles that have been approved and uploaded.

Readers will be able to give feedback about articles through the site itself.


Features are longer and more analytical articles and can can be up-to 10000 words. It is recommended that features focus on projects that have been done on the application of yoga or discussions on its philosophy. For example, a feature could be on Yoga for Addiction, that can be based on a project a KHYF member may have done in a rehabilitation center. Features may also be marked as private or public, and in private can also be private to selected levels of readers. For example, a feature on teaching modalities may be marked only for the readership of Trainer level members. This will be decided by the KHYF.

Submission, approval and feedback procedures for features will be similar to that of Articles.

Study Material

Study material can be either articles or features or exclusive material that will be put up by the KHYF or its members. This will especially be useful for students in training, as well as those who are training them.

Only the KHYF will have the discretion to approve any material as study material. Also study material will only be accessible through the KHYF site and will not be printable.

All information contained in this site Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation, unless otherwise mentioned.
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