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On April 14, 1976, TKV Desikachar founded the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in honor of his father and teacher, the legendary Yogi T Krishnamacharya. In creating the KYM, a public, charitable trust, Desikachar hoped to realize the dream of his father: to spread the healing message of Yoga beyond the territorial boundaries of India - beyond gender, race, religion, and nationality.

Desikachar continues to adapt the ancient discipline of yoga to address the needs of contemporary lifestyles in keeping with the spirit of Krishnamacharya’s pioneering work with Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Through their efforts, Desikachar and the teachers and staff of the KYM hope to educate the broader public about yoga’s potential for enhancing health, longevity, and quality of life.

The central work of the KYM is bringing health and wellbeing to others through the healing practice of Yoga Therapy. Over the years, demand, not only for the KYM’s services, but also its knowledge has led to the growth of the KYM from a single-room facility to a multi-department institute. Over 50 teachers and consultants along with an administrative staff of 30 offer therapeutic yoga in a professional, caring setting to people from all over the world. The KYM presently houses six departments: Yoga Cikitsa (Therapy), Yoga Studies, Publications, and Chanting, as well as KYM-Mitra, a philanthropic organization that brings the healing benefits of Yoga to the economically and socially underprivileged and the differently-abled. The KYM’s newest department is Research, where teachers are using scientifically approved protocols to study the effects of Yoga on health, thus ensuring that the message of the past remains relevant for the future.

To know more about the KYM including details about the different departments and ongoing educational programs for local and International students, click here.

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