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The Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation (KHYF), founded by TKV Desikachar, along with his student and son Kausthub Desikachar on 1 January, 2006, is an organization committed to spreading the holistic yoga teachings of Yogacarya Sri T Krishnamacharya.

Having been a student of T Krishnamacharya for three decades, TKV Desikachar has for long been the lineage holder of his fatherís precious teachings.

Through the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), that he founded in 1976, Desikachar has demonstrated the profound value of his fatherís yoga teachings in the areas of healing, spirituality as well as social development. Today the KYM has become a mecca not only for the thousands who are seeking healing through yoga, but also for serious students of yoga who want to pursue its greatest depths.

Apart from teaching through the KYM, Desikachar has also been traveling all over the world to spread the work of his father. Beginning in 1966, when he first embarked to teach the great philosopher J Krishnamurti, in Switzerland, Desikachar has traveled to almost every continent and has developed a network of serious and committed students around the world. Each of these students have themselves established a solid practice in their own countries as teachers, as therapists and as yoga teacher trainers.

The time has now come to take this into the next step. It is with this intention that the KHYF has been formed with the following objectives

  1. Creation of an umbrella organization that will link all certified teachers and students worldwide who study and teach in the holistic teaching tradition of T Krishnamacharya.

  2. Development of a common curriculum of the highest standards that will form the basis of all KHYF Yoga educational and training programs, thus aiding in cross-cultural recognition and exchange of resources.

  3. Promotion and support of a highly skilled and interactive network of certified teachers and therapists committed to sharing Yoga with the public as an alternate healing methodology.

  4. Collaboration with healing professionals from other fields, as well as development and implementation of new paradigms for enhancing human health and well being.

  5. Development and sharing of educational resources with the public, including a simple, accessible on-line database for locating teachers in the Krishnamacharya tradition.

  6. As the practice of Yoga Therapy makes its way into the US, Europe, and other countries around the world, it is more important now than ever before to ensure the highest standards of excellence in training, to provide support for a skilled, serious pool of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists and also, to provide the public with easy access to such teachers.

  7. For this reason, TKV Desikachar made the decision to establish the KHYF, and through this organization, to launch a rigorous multi-level training program for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. As part of the KHYF program, each student will not only follow an intensive and thorough course of study, he/she will be required to maintain a relationship with a mentor, apply for a periodic renewal of licensing at each level, and also make a solid commitment to continuing education.

  8. At the present time, the KHYF program is the only Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Training Program of its kind in the world. What makes the KHYF Training Program even more unique is that it is supported by the educational, clinical, and research resources of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Ė the only Yoga Therapy Center of its kind in the world. The KYM has been providing Yoga Therapy services to the local and international communities for thirty years, and physicians frequently refer patients to the KYM for help managing their ailments. The center is noted for teaching healing techniques to people with epilepsy, gynecological problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and other mental and physical ailments. The KYMís client-base also includes people seeking to improve their general health and athletic performance.

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