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Yoga is an ancient discipline that offers a broad range of tools which can be useful in promoting health, aiding in healing and facilitating spiritual transformation.

Though today, yoga is mainly associated with the practice of physical postures and a few basic breathing techniques, there is more depth to this powerful discipline that has existed for more than two thousand years. It may seem trivial if so much importance were given to yoga, over such a long period of time, if all it was, was a bunch of postures, that addressed only the physical needs of an individual.

On the contrary, Yoga is a holistic healing discipline that addresses the needs of the whole person through continuous adaptation of its many tools to suit the studentís unique and changing needs. This is why, with the compassionate guidance of a skilled teacher, Yoga is as appropriate for the young as it is for the old, as appropriate for the stroke victim lying immobile in a hospital bed, as it is for the flexible, athletic dancer. This is why it may be said that Yoga is for everyone. It offers a wide range of tools which include physical practices, special breathing techniques, powerful meditative practices, symbolic gestures and use of vocal sounds, guided self inquiry practices and more.

When appropriately administered, Yoga practices may be used in a  wide variety of purposes such as

  • in promoting and maintaining physical and mental health

  • in serving as a complimentary system of holistic health care - both preventative, and curative

  • in relieving stress and promoting efficiency

  • in aiding to face and deal with challenging life situations

  • in providing and guiding us in spiritual transformation

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